Diet Feeders

Designed not just for easy feeding, but for measurable livestock improvements, these unique machines are finding increasing favor among a growing number of users for their diet flexibility, sturdy construction and unburstable reliability. Out are cost cutting construction, gimmicky gadgets and overcomplicated mechanisation's. Instead you'll find simple but effective mixing and discharge systems, thorough testing and sturdy fabrication with quality steel. All bearings are mounted away from the mixing chamber, thus protecting them from corrosive materials and ensuring a long life. The long lasting and simple design means low running costs, low maintenance and low power requirements 35-80h.p depending on material and model.

Developed to overcome the limited mixing ability of paddle feeders without the high power requirement of moving augers, the feed-flo system was pioneered by Hi-Spec to handle the widest possible range of feeds. The Feed-flo's angled rotor arms have been designed to offer greater end to end mixing. And having essentially only one moving part, reliability over multiple auger machines is greatly improved.

For mixing the angled paddles lift the feed material out of the mixing chamber, when the paddles reach the top of their rotation the feed material falls back into the chamber, and within a few minutes this rotating action creates a light fluffy ration. To discharge the mix, the operator just has to open the hydraulically operated door at the side of the diet feeder, this discharge is assisted by the use of a teaser roller which makes it very easy to adjust the feed flow to the required amount.

The discharge height can be made to suit your own individual requirements. Also the discharge door can be closed and extra ingredients added at any stage during the emptying, this is extremely important where small batches of animals require different rations. Various discharge elevator options are available, these enable the MixMax diet feeder to discharge feed into almost any feeding system.


Fast and accurate mixing means less waste and more efficient animal performance. Our user-friendly display console is programmable with up to 9 different rations, each ration can have up to 9 different ingredients. Also the display console is adjustable so that it can be seen both when loading and discharging feeds.


Increased animal performance.
Less reliance on expensive bought in feeds.
Greater use of home grown products.
Complete control of individual rations.
Quicker more convenient feeding.
More contented stock.
Cost-effective way of feeding straights and natural energy source such as molasses.
Higher profitability.


The Hi-Spec range of Mixmax diet feeders are available in 6 different sizes: 10,14,16, 18, 20 and 24 cubic metres. Each size is available as a standard tractor model or as a static unit for use in industrial plants.


Also for those looking for the benefits of using wholesome, home-produced root crops in their complete diet, the optional washer/chopper attachment is the ideal solution.