Side Spreaders

Designed to handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry, the Hi-Spec Side Spreader is one of the leading side spreaders on the market today. Once in operation the Side Spreader unloads fast and gives an even, consistent spread pattern across land. Hi-Spec Side Spreaders are currently available in two models, sizes 800 and 1000.


A strong chassis frame gives maximum support, durability and strength to the main drum. Within the drum the flail rotor is constructed from 168mm heavy duty steel with high quality steel being used for the shafts at both ends.

Heavy duty flails and 12mm chains cased for longer life are mounted on the rotor in four banks, these facilitate easy driving and enable the rotor to run smoothly.

Heavy duty 65mm rotor bearings are mounted on both the front and back ends of the spreader, these are mounted away from the drum to prevent any manure making contact with the bearings, thus resulting in extended bearing life.

All Side Spreaders are finished with two coats of paint, anti-corrosive primer and an enamel finish, giving a high quality long lasting finish.


Optional extras available include oversize tyres and an anti splash top guard, an automatic chain oiling system is also available (a central greasing point comes as standard on the Side Spreader 1000 model).