Vacuum Tankers

Thoughtful design and superior build quality put the Hi-Spec range of Vacuum Tankers in a class of their own. All our vacuum tankers from 750 gallons (3409 ltrs) to 3500 gallon (15,911 litres) use a unique low profile spreading system, this works by using a specially shaped deflection plate to create a fan of slurry less than a metre above the ground, yet it is capable of achieving a spreading pattern up to 12 metres wide. The downward directed plate not only increases controllability, but also decreases air pollution and unpleasant smells.

All slurry tankers are manufactured using 6mm high quality British steel. Internal implosion rings are fitted to all tanks, which are then mounted on a strong chassis frame for maximum support. To ensure effective corrosion protection two coats of paint are applied to all vacuum tankers, an anti-corrosive primer and an enamel finish, thus giving a high quality long lasting finish. Alternatively Vacuum Tankers can be galvanised up to and including 3,500 gallons (15,911 ltrs) models.

The Hi-Spec range of Vacuum Tankers come standard with hydraulic brakes, lights, 6" filler and discharge points, 3" (76mm) sight glasses, a blanked off side fill point, 15ft (4.57metres) of 6" suction hose and a 2½" (63mm) washdown adaptor. All HiSpec Vacuum tankers including and above 1,350 gallons (6138 ltrs) also have as standard a 6" quick attach suction hose fitting.
On all Hispec vacuum tankers from the 2,000 gallon (9,092 ltrs) models fitted with big wheels (23.1-26's / 28.1-26's) a sprung drawbar is fitted as standard. This is designed reduce wear to both the tanker and tractor, it does this by eliminating any shock loads being transferred from the tanker drawbar to the tractor pickup hitch.

The Hi-Spec/Bomech trailing shoe has 34 outlets and a working width of 7.5m with a 22cm row width. It has an overall transport width of 2.55m which meets road legal requirements. Spreading time when compared to a splash plate is very similar but the spread is more accurate and consistent across the complete working width.
Slurry odour is minimized with no drift and grazing of grass can resume quicker than when slurry is spread with a splash plate system, hence grazing periods are extended. With the trailing shoe system, slurry can be applied at later stages of grass growth, compared to a splash plate system which has to be applied at an early stage. There is no increase in power required when compared to an equal size splash plate tanker and maintenance required is minimal.
The Hi-Spec/Bomech trailing shoe uses a generation III type macerator with incorporated spring loaded self sharpening hardened knives with automatic reversal. Any foreign materials such as stones etc. are collected within the stone trap which is fitted as standard.
Hoses turn up to 180º to prevent remaining slurry leaking out during transport.
Fitted with hardened stainless steel trailing shoes and special rubber boots to prevent and minimise blockages. Minimum surface damage occurs with the Hi-Spec/Bomech trailing shoes.
One doubling acting service is all that is needed to operate the Hi-Spec / Bomech trailing shoe through an electro-hydraulic control unit.
A lifting system is self contained within the Hi-Spec/Bomech trailing shoe. The 7.5m Hi-Spec/Bomech trailing shoe is of a light weight at just 660kgs with a very simple but strong construction.


We have available a centrifugal system on our full range of Vacuum Tankers, this combines both a 9,000 ltrs/min vacuum pump and centrifugal pump. Fitted as standard with the centrifugal system is a rain gun, this means that if land conditions prove to be difficult, slurry can be spread using the rain gun from a road alongside. The rain gun can spread slurry over a distance of 295ft (90m) and is able to be rotated hydraulically through 360º from the tractor. A stone trap is also fitted as standard with the centrifugal system, this eliminates the risk of any stones or foreign objects entering and damaging the centrifugal pump. As the system uses a 9,000 ltrs/min vacuum pump the Vacuum Tanker can also be used as standard.

The ideal option for use in cases where regulations permit that road conditions must be kept clean at all times. The overhead loading boom is for use in the unloading of a Vacuum Tanker into the overhead filling point of a separate tanker.
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Available as an option on our 2,000 (9092 ltrs) gallon tankers, the sprung drawbar is designed to reduce wear on both the tanker and tractor. It does this by eliminating any shock loads being transferred from the tanker drawbar to the tractor pickup hitch.

Our complete range of Vacuum Tankers can also be fitted with an automatic filling system.
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Additional filling points.
Fully opening back door.
Exhaust for quieter running of the vacuum pump.
High speed running gear.
Hydraulic topfill complete with access ladder.
Hydraulic changeover on vacuum pump.
Hydraulic spinner units for control and management of water applications.
Stone trap.
Vacuum Tankers can be galvanised up to and including 3500 gallon.
Tandem sprung steering axle. (only available on models above 2,000 gallons (9092 ltrs).

When buying a Vacuum Tanker one of the most important decisions you will be faced with is the choice of tyre to suit your needs. We here at Hi-Spec will advise you on what choices to make taking into consideration your particular situation.

HiSpec Vacuum Slurry Tanker