In addition to our well-known range of paddles feeders we also offer vertical auger machines which are specially designed for the handling of round and big square bales.

The Hi-Spec Vertical Feeders use a central mixing and chopping auger to produce a market leading quality mix in a machine that is simple to maintain, has a low horsepower requirement and an exceptional reliability record. Unique to the Hi-Spec range of Vertical Feeders is the fitting of a discharge roller system as standard which provides a very consistent feed discharge rate.

Features of the Vertical Feeder include a unique auger design producing a faster and better mix, consistent feedout rates due to the unique Hi-Spec discharge roller s ystem, faster cutting of bales due to unique auger knife arrangement, high quality self-sharpening knives and an electronic weighing system for accurate mixing. Hi-Spec Vertical Feeders are robust, user friendly machines which improve farm profitability. With a Hi-Spec you’ll have a healthier happier herd.

The vertical diet feeder works by using a central auger to carry out both the mixing and chopping functions.The auger does this in a very simple cycle action, drawing the feed up and then allowing it to fall to the outside of the diet feeder and be drawn back down for the cycle to begin again.The auger is fitted with self sharpening chopping knives and during this auger mixing cycle the feed is being constantly chopped.The end result is a feed which is thoroughly mixed and has a length of 5 – 10cm depending on the operator’s desired result.

Designed and built as strong and reliable machines with simplicity of operation and maintenance the Hi-Spec V-series enjoys many advantages over competitors.

The Hi Spec V-series enjoy the following advantages:

Unique auger design produces a faster and better mix.
Faster cutting of bales because of unique knife arrangement.
Lower horse power requirement because of our auger design.
Complete emptying of feed from the body.
Only two double acting hydraulic tractor valves required to carry out all hydraulic functions – no extra valves required even with an elevator or cross conveyor fitted.
Direct mounting of the auger to the heavy duty planetary gearbox for simplicity, easy maintenance and excellent reliability.
Easily accessible gearbox oil reservoir fitted as standard.
Knives mounted on 15mm steel plate brackets for added strength.
High quality self sharpening knives.
Curved in top section of body to prevent feed spillages when mixing while giving additional strength to the body.
High quality British steel used throughout, 8mm plate in outer body, 15mm plate for the mixing auger and 20mm plate complete with reinforcing in the floor.
Standard features include:

Double chassis allowing accurate weighing.
Programmable weighing system.
Heavy duty gearbox drive for exceptional reliability.
Two speed gearbox standard on twin auger machines (available as an option on single auger machines).
Low horsepower requirement.
One feedout door on single auger machines complete with chain adjustable chute height.
Two feedout doors on twin auger machines complete with chain adjustable chute height.
Two counter knives.
Curve shaped body top section to prevent feed spillages.
PTO shear pin protection.
Hydraulic brakes.
The following machines are available:
Single Auger: 10M³, 12M³, 14M³, 16M³
Twin Auger: 16M³, 18M³, 20M³, 24M³
Triple Auger: 30M³


NEW! Blower / Straw Bedding Attachment. For more information click here!
Two feedout doors operated independently.
Two feedout doors operated independently.
Hydraulically operation of the counter knives.
Hydraulic Chute.
Two speed gearbox.
Tandem Axle - Both bogie and sprung type available.
Beet chopping knives.
Data Analysis Software - Accurate control of feed costs detailed reports and graphs of any data for your analysis
Elevators of various lengths up to 1500 mm ( 59” )
Cross Conveyor - Allows feed to be discharged from both the left and right hand side.
NEW VHD Cross Conveyor