The Hi-Spec XCEL 1250 spreader has been used extensively on Irish and UK farms since 2004. As the XCEL 1250 uses chain flails to break up the manure, it has a much greater ability to handle foreign objects in the manure (e.g. stones, cement blocks, etc.) without any damage to the machine compared to competitors vertical auger spreading systems.

The spreading width of the machine is in excess of 16 metres with most materials and up to 20 metres plus in some cases. The XCEL spreader has a capacity of 12 tonnes and requires a tractor with upwards of 100HP. A 12 tonne load can be spread in approx 3-5 minutes. The manure is shredded by 22 flails made from hard wearing HARDOX steel. The flails are attached to the rotor shaft with marine chain, which has a breaking capacity of 10 tonnes. The 22 flails guarantee a high throughput, with optimum spreading of the manure. The spreading is done by four vanes mounted on two rotors, which are placed underneath the flails. The spreading rotors are protected by shear bolts, which minimize damage from large objects

Thanks to its unique spreading system the XCEL 1250 can discharge manure evenly across the full working width.

The XCEL is constructed of the following materials: - chassis 10mm plate, floor 5mm plate, body sides 4mm plate. The drive shafts are 50mm and 60mm in diameter. Heavy duty gearboxes with a capacity of 200HP are used in the machine. The following equipment come as standard with the XCEL manure spreader:

  • Large tyres (580/70R38)
  • Slurry Door
  • Slurry Door Height Indicator
  • Automatic Chain Oiling
  • Override switch for chain and slat floor flow control
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Breakaway safety handbrake
  • Inspection ladder
  • Tail lights and traffic indicators with covers
  • Wide angle PTO shaft
  • Heavy duty 16mm chain and hard wearing HARDOX flails
  • 960mm diameter spreader discs with shear bolts
  • Heavy duty fully welded construction
  • Shot blasted to give well bonded long lasting paint finish
  • Angled sidewalls to assist loading
  • Handles all manure types and other materials
  • Manual floor chain tensioning

Optional Extras

  • Automatic floor chain tensioning
  • Chicken / light / dry manure spreading discs